Forklift-fed batch kiln

Valutec's forklift-fed batch kiln requires a relatively small space and combines high standards of final quality at the lowest investment cost.

The kiln is especially adapted for planks, but can also be used for boards. The batch volume varies between 50–450 m3 (21-190 mbf) with a target moisture content of 5-20%.

Just like all of our batch kilns, the forklift-fed version provides the possibility of precise control of the climate during the entire drying process. This creates the possibility of very extensive drying down to exactly the desired target moisture content and a minimal risk of checking. The kiln can advantageously be equipped with a heat recovery system.


The kiln is loaded and unloaded with a forklift from one side. Axial fans flow circulation air between the scatter rows in the longitudinal direction of the timber. The heat coils of a disc type provide maximal heat transfer. After initial alignment of the moisture ratio, the heat level is adapted to how the moisture ratio changes. The moist air is evacuated over ducts on either side of the fan wall with the help of the pressure difference.




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