High-temperature kiln

Valutec's high-temperature kiln is an alternative drying method with extremely high productivity, and can be used where requirements concerning moisture content variation and final timber quality permit.

With drying temperatures up to 140°C (285F), water is vaporised through boiling and thus dissipates more quickly than in ordinary drying processes. The drying time for 50 mm timber is around 24 hours. Batch volume is up to 200 m3 (85mbf) and target moisture content is 2–18%.

The drying process in the high-temperature kiln is significantly faster than in other timber kilns. For example, it can be mentioned that the drying time for 50 mm timber is around 24 hours. The drying is primarily controlled by regulating added heat power and the choice of dry-bulb temperature. To handle the high temperatures, the steam pressure and vaporization ratio, the drying facility is made in a stainless steel, steamtight and well-insulated design. The kiln also has a loading solution for efficient pulling, where the timber is loaded on trolleys that are fed in with a rail-bound system.


The timber is dried with vaporization of water through boiling in an environment with temperatures of at least 100°C (212F). The timber is loaded on trolleys that are then pushed or pulled on rails into the kiln. The air is blown by fans through the timber across the transport direction. Saturated water vapor as a steaming media provides rapid heating. The moisture gradient with dry surfaces and relatively moist core is evened out through conditioning.




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