TC continuous kiln

Valutec's TC continuous kiln is the absolute giant among continuous kilns and combines capacity and flexibility with optimal quality.

This kind of kiln provides full freedom to create the ultimate drying process with the virtually unlimited freedom to mix dimensions, minimal moisture content variation and reduced risk of checking. Annual capacity can reach 170,000 m3 (75 mmbf), with target moisture contents down to around 12–18%.

TC is the abbreviation of the Swedish for “cross circulation”. The principle is based on the timber package being fed length-wise through zones in which the air circulates laterally across the drying channel. This enables the separate regulation of the climate in different zones according to a schedule that comes very close to the ideal schedule of a batch kiln.


The timber is dried during transport through a number of zones with separate climates. The timber is placed length-wise on trolleys and fed from a buffer track into the kiln's input end. A fully automatic feed system transports the timber through the kiln and on out at the output end. Transverse axial fans in each zone blow circulation air across the longitudinal direction of the kiln, via heat coils and through the timber.


Continuous kilns TC

Reference case Egger Brilon



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