The Basics of Wood Drying

As one of Europe's leading suppliers of timber kilns, Valutec wants to contribute to knowledge distribution in what is happening in the industry in terms of research and development. A part of this ambition is the launch of the book, The Basics of Wood Drying, a pedagogical and fully stocked textbook that presents everything from basic knowledge about wood to the latest drying technology. Tom Morén, Professor of Wood Physics at Luleå University of Technology, who authored the book, has played a main role in several pioneering research and development projects in timber drying over the years. Some of the input for the book comes from an earlier book by the same author published by ABB's timber drying operations at the time, which are now an integrated part of Valutec.

The book costs SEK 350 SEK, + 6% VAT, and can be ordered by e-mail to

Remember to write your name, address and how many copies you would like.

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