Kiln Condensate

For us at Valutec it’s sometimes surprising to learn what kind of problems our customers encounter with their existing drying equipment.

One such issue, that recently was highlighted in a report from CTI is kiln condensate. Condensate that needs to be treated and recycled which might result in extra work and additional costs.

In a Valutec unidirectional continuous kiln condensate is controllable. The kiln has vents just as a regular batch kiln. Therefore, kiln condensate practically doesn’t exist in a unidirectional continuous kiln without heat recovery, still it consumes less energy than a batch kiln, (since it doesn’t need the same heating and cooling). Even in a unidirectional continuous kiln with heat recovery system the kiln condensate can be regulated. Since Valutec has air/liquid heat recovery systems which require a liquid (water and anti freezing liquid) to transport the heat we use pumps to pump the liquid through the heat recovery system. If you switch of the pumps the heat recovery system is switched off and no condensate will be created.

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