Valutec launches new feeding system

This summer Valutec will launch its third-generation feeding system. It will be included as standard in all new models of timber kilns and incorporates over 50 separate improvements.

“We are constantly striving to develop our products and our offer, and our new feeding system is part of these efforts,” says Ulf Wikberg, Technical Manager at Valutec.

The improvements include a more robust and more protected guide track, electrically-operated stop lugs for increased feeding safety and new feeding options when loading and unloading. The new feeding system also includes lateral movement of carts, adjustments to existing crane system, optimised operation with a view to function and reliability, a more compact design, and better-protected driving stations for loading and unloading.
“Achieving further improvements in the kiln working environment has been an important part of our development work,” explains Ulf.

The new feeding system also means that TC kilns and wider continuous kilns are equipped with hydraulic feeding, a patent-protected solution that Valutec has developed.

The operations are frequency-controlled and integrated with sensors and the kiln’s safety solution.
“We have naturally continued to position these outside the demanding environment inside the kiln, just as previously. Anyone who has used our earlier feeding systems will know their way around, as this is a further development of our earlier generations,” says Ulf.

The kiln is monitored and controlled via a Safety PLC from Siemens that communicates with the overall Valmatics control system.

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