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Breakthrough in North America for Valutec’s TC continuous dry kilns

“We visited several Swedish sawmills that were using Valutec products and they exceeded our highest expectations in terms of the details, quality of design and energy efficiency. At the end of the day, it was a very easy decision. Valutec has a product that will position us at the leading edge throughout North America when it comes to drying technology,” says Jason Brochu, owner of Pleasant River Lumber.


Valutec’s giant kilns continue to gain ground in Europe

Valutec has secured two significant new deals on the European sawmill market. They involve Holzwerke Ladenburger in Germany and Junnikkala in Finland – two major players that have both chosen to invest in their first TC continuous dry kilns. It will be the third large-scale facility in Germany, while Junnikkala will be the first in Finland.
“Six years ago we commissioned the first lumber kiln of this type at SCA Bollsta. It had a huge impact, particularly among the German trade press, who nicknamed it “Das Swedische Monster”. Since then interest has increased on a fantastic scale and we have sold another twelve TC continuous kilns. They meet the needs of sawmills for increased capacity, while being flexible in handling different types of boards,” says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.