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Valutec in the media

Stora Enso Ala, Sweden becomes more energy-efficient with wood dryers from Valutec

Stora Enso's sawmill in Ala, Sweden is investing in one TC progressive kiln, two FB-continuous kilns and three cart-fed batch kilns from Swedish Valutec.
"When the new Valutec dryers are in place, we will have a state-of-the-art, sustainable drying park, tailored to our product range. We will become more energy-efficient with high-tech drying technology in all our kilns," says Jenny Andersson, sawmill manager at Stora Enso Ala.


1 200 Valmatics 4.0 control systems sold

Since its launch in 2019, the Valmatics 4.0 control system has quickly become established in sawmills around the world. More than 1,200 systems have been sold to date.
   “For example, several major groups have decided to use Valmatics 4.0 in all their lumber kilns, which is having a direct, large-scale impact. More and more are seeing the benefits of making the move to 4.0,” says Robert Weithofer, Valutec’s North American sales agent.