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It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’ roll

Almost to the day it’s now 3 years ago since I wrote a small story about my family’s and my arrival in Canada. We’ve experienced so much during that time that I could write a book about it. Fortunately, so far it has been a success story which wasn’t at all clear when our journey started. As you can imagine it was a pretty bold move to relocate from Germany to Canada with my wife and three young kids, especially since in terms of Valutec Continuous Kilns, it was uncharted territory.


Come see Valutec at Ligna 2019!

Among other things, you’ll get the chance to see a demonstration of our latest control system, Valmatics 4.0. With Valmatics 4.0, you can automate and optimize drying in all types of lumber kilns. High process quality is assured by simulators programmed with data from hundreds of thousands of measurements that enable the calculation of drying processes with unbeatable accuracy from beginning to end. All this to avoid costly running-in time of new programs.